Water pollution control

Many technical applications require careful consideration when it comes to water pollution control.

Responsible handling of substances that pollute water is of central importance in this respect. You, as an operator and planner of plants of this nature, play a decisive role in this context. Nothing should be left to chance here.

Betonbau modular units offer decisive advantages in this respect. We utilise high-performance concretes for these applications, materials which are impervious to the above-mentioned substances. The monolithic construction principle employed also prevents these substances penetrating the subsoil through caulking.

By putting your trust in Betonbau, you have the support of a partner which, as a specialised firm certified in compliance with §19 WHG (Water Management Law), has really done its homework. You profit from decades of experience in the design of buildings for diesel or heating oil plants, systems for highly and mildly-flammable liquids and other hazardous fluids (e.g. highly-refined mineral oils such as transformer coolants).