Many technical applications within our concrete modular units must meet strict fire protection specifications.

A strict fire resistance class conforming to DIN 4102-22 is expressly demanded in certain cases. From the point of view of structural physics, our seamless modular unit structures meet these requirements particularly well in conjunction with the superior raw materials used. This enables the realisation of slender wall geometries which are simultaneously extremely resistant.

We have had certain standard structure series and tested type statics UF, UK and UKL examined by independent testing institutes with regard to fire resistance. These have confirmed an F90 classification conforming to DIN 4102-22 beginning with modular units with wall, ceiling and foot wall thicknesses from 100 mm onwards. In certain applications (e.g. storage of hazardous substances or heating plants), the entire system, including doors and ventilation equipment, can be designed to conform to a required fire resistance class.

In the area of distributor stations utilised in energy management, DIN EN 62271-202 demands that additional requirements be met with regard to the fire resistance of the substances and materials utilised. Betonbau exclusively employs materials listed there and classified as non-flammable in compliance with EN 62271-202.

We also adhere to your planning specifications when it comes to selecting materials in the required construction material classes conforming to EN 13501-1 (DIN 4102-1).