Betonbau takes the 26th BImSchV extremely seriously!

Important design characteristics of the buildings and the arrangement of operating media in the stations have a considerable influence on the electromagnetic fields created.

Due to the high currents to be expected, secondary linking of a tranformer to the low voltage distribution system is subjected to particular attention. Consideration of the layout and arrangement of cables alone can considerably reduce the panels in this case.
The positioning of components plays an equally important role. Low voltage distributor systems and connections are therefore generally positioned at as great a distance as possible from the exterior (e.g. on internal walls). The connection location of transformers is also of decisive importance.

Betonbau has repeatedly confirmed numerous EMC calculations through measurements in representative trials, some of these conducted in conjunction with station operators.
The findings collected in this manner still provide important information today for internal design guidelines in electrical outfitting and for the development of suitable ground plans.

This also enables us to meet our - and your - strict requirements with regard to plant safety and protection of the public in the area of EMC.