Burglary resistance

Technical buildings are often in remote locations and only manned during maintenance work or after malfunctions. A break-in by unauthorised persons (e.g. in electrical or gas technology operating rooms) can have devastating consequences for life and limb, not to mention the affects on plant operation. Building security is the key word here.

Betonbau buildings have been part of the normal town and landscape for many years and are rarely regarded as disruptive objects. This also explains the extremely low level of incidents of vandalism known to us.

Reinforced concrete is an extremely resistant material with a minimum wall thickness of 10 cm, and it is practically impossible to overcome it unnoticed without machines or heavy equipment.

We design our doors and ventilation elements to make forced entry extremely difficult. This has been impressively confirmed in successful impact tests conforming to IEC 60-2-62. The resistance strength of our doors and ventilation elements has been proven in numerous accidental arcing trials which they have passed successfully. These demonstrate that our products can withstand the highest stress factors.

Our TAM series alluminium doors have continuous interior hinge plates which are protected as a result from attacks. A solid frame design with sheet metal filling consisting of high-strength aluminium alloy endows the door with enormous stability. Together with 3-point locking, this ensures a high degree of security.

We have had some of our door and ventilation element series tested by independent, accredited institutes in compliance with DIN V 18 103. This means that we can ensure different resistance classes up to WK3. Please contact us regarding your specific project, we can, for example, also meet extremely high requirements if desired by using special commercially-available security doors.

The integration of a burglary alarm system in the case of particularly complex plants is demanded by many insurance companies today. Our doors can therefore be easily fitted with bolt and magnet contacts. The structure of our modular units enables factory equipping with complete signal sensor systems (e.g. motion sensors, outer skin monitoring, etc.).