Accidental arcing protection

Accidental arcing protection for switchgear and transformer stations protects operating personnel and passers-by against thermal and mechanical influences emanating from accidental arcing emissions.

Test conditions and evaluation criteria were developed in Germany in the 1960's and published as PEHLA directives.

PEHLA is a collective group covering test fields in Germany and Switzerland and consists of ABB, AREVA, Siemens and the test fields at FGH Mannheim and IPH Berlin.

The test conditions and evaluation criteria of the PEHLA directive were incorporated into IEC 61330 (VDE 0671 Part 611 in Germany) in 1995 and are identical in content.

IEC 61330 has been superceded by IEC 62271-202 (VDE 0671 Part 202 in Germany) since June 2006 with a transitional period ending in September 2009.