Technical planning of buildings and plant is of decisive importance and contributes considerably to our understanding of quality standards. We strive to communicate with you as a client and planner »on a level playing field« when it comes to addressing your technical applications. A prerequisite for this is that we understand you in every respect and can implement your instructions. We therefore employ experienced engineers, master craftsmen and technicians in our sales, design and production departments with backgrounds in electrical engineering, plant and mechanical engineering and civil engineering. We also bundle the know-how we have gained in specific projects and integrate this in design and development. You can therefore be assured that our expertise at all times reflects state-of-the-art standards.

We will be delighted to support you as a client and planner in the realisation of your building and plant concept. We can draw on standard solutions which have been tried and trusted over many years for many decisive details (e.g. in relation to safety equipment). Our modular structures can also be extremely efficiently planned, as we can draw upon a comprehensive spectrum of applications based on tested structural standards.

We support your projects through the realisation of technical and efficient planning and concepts and ensure the winning of tenders through specifications for buildings and construction components in the following categories:

  • Power supply and distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas technology
  • Rail and transport
  • Water supply and disposal

Reference to current norms is as much a part of our expertise as working with latest CAD formats.

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