The organisation and realisation of large-volume modular unit transportation is our metier. Thousands of stations and modular units leave our plants every year and are delivered reliably and safely to their destinations. Transporation of modular units with dimensions up to 4.20 m in width or up to 12 m in length and with a height of over 3.60 m is part and parcel of our daily business. Although this is routine for us, enormous care is exercised and safety taken extremely seriously, beginning with safe loading and continuing during farsighted planning of the route. Our five production locations provide nationwide coverage, thus short transportation routes also help preserve the environment and avoid long journeys. We can also reliably deliver your module in practically any kind of weather - and fit it out in advance in our plant if desired. Whether our products are prepared to facilitate installation, or delivery and installation as a turnkey solution: we also provide solid assistance and support to facilitate your planning when it comes to delivery conditions and the required preparatory work. At destination point, your construction site, usually a specified surface load bearing capacity and a defined headroom clearance profile is required, depending on the truck/trailer weight and module size. We will be delighted to advise you in this respect during the planning phase of your project. We will also be more than happy to arrange engineering matters with the authorities if traffic diversionary measures are required at the installation site or on the last stage of the journey. As a rule, our scope of services also encompasses arrangement of the required mobile crane and relocation of the station. We have co-operated closely for decades with trans-regional and local crane providers in this respect and can avail ourselves of attractive conditions.