In addition to the high integration level of outfitting elements, the short on-site construction duration represents a decisive advantage of our modular units. We leave nothing to chance here. This begins with a building design that facilitates installation and does not end with the keeping of delivery deadlines and scheduling of suitable equipment and personnel.

An on-site installation operation can take anything from a few hours for a single modular unit to several days for large combination buildings in this respect.

Our installation technicians are all experienced and skilled personnel from a structural and civil engineering as well as steel construction background – professionals in every aspect of modular unit installation. They are familiar with every detail of our products and materials and have the expertise involved on the processes employed at their fingertips. Major importance is placed in this respect on occupational safety. We place immense importance on effective and close co-operation and co-ordination with safety co-ordinators or works safety personnel.

A modern and comprehensively-equipped transport and machine park, regular training and, last but not least, the high quality standards we set ourselves make our installation specialists to reliable and efficient teams.