Drinking water treatment

A drinking water treatment plant was added to an existing drinking water well in 2008. The drinking water is conveyed through a filter for deacidification, thus improving the quality of the water directly at the well. The wellhead and filter plant are installed in a two-storey combination building. All aggregates are located in the basement, and the filter has an overall height of about 5 metres. The switch cabinets for the installed aggregates and the entrance are located on the ground floor. The station was fitted with a tiled saddle roof for aesthetic reasons (Harz region).


Building consisting of modular units with saddle roof:

  • UW 3660 as basement
  • UF 3642 as basement, cantilever slab and manhole cover
  • Concrete ceiling slab and saddle roof with opening for filter plant

All pipelines are laid through the enclosing wall in the basement, with the inlets sealed against pressurised water and frost. The manhole cover is waterproof, has ventilation fittings and a filter to prevent penetration by insects. The well pump is drawn vertically upwards here when an overhaul is due. The composite thermal insulation system and insulated roof prevent excessive heating in summer and enable frost-free operation in winter with an optimum use of energy. The inner lining is stainless steel.