Discharge shaft US 4248

(L x W x H 4.58 x 3.98 x 3.94 m; weight = 52 to)

The long-distance pipeline between Custenlohr and Schwebheim was renewed in 2002 on behalf of the Fernwasserversorgung Mittelfranken (FWF) long-distance water supply provider. The pipeline dimension is DN 300 MDP 16.

In order to connect the localities along the route to the new water pipeline, a total of 10 precast concrete structures with standard dimensions L x W = 2.00 x 1.50 m to 4.58 x 3.98 m were constructed, completely fitted and erected by us on site in the excavation. The discharge shaft at RL km 7+034.39 is taken here as an example.

The discharge shaft ensures the supply of the localities of Orte Neuberberg, Rudolzhofen, Seenhain and Ermetzhofen and was constructed by Betonbau GmbH along with all necessary fittings, such as pressure relief elements, water meters, dirt traps, safety valves and shut-off valves. The shaft also encompasses a purging run with purging line, as the location represents a low point. The purging line ends directly on the shaft in an energy dissipator structure (also errected by Betonbau GmbH) which conveys the purging water to the preflooder.

The shaft structure was manufactured by us in compliance with the technical and hydraulic requirements specified by the client.

The discharge shaft was delivered as a completed installation to avoid unnecessary obstruction of construction progress on the long-distance pipeline and shorten the construction duration on the shaft construction site.The shaft structure was completed within a single day, enabling filling of the excavation site on the following day.