Elevated tank

UW 4284 (combi; 95 m³ effective volume)

A new elevated water tank was constructed at the start of 2008 on the foundation wall of the old Betonbau GmbH elevated tank which had been previously dismantled, the new tank being assembled on site from prefabricated components.

The structure consists of two modular units and two prefabricated components:

  • UW 4284 as a water chamber (L x W x H = 8.18 x 3.98 x 3.70 m; weight 95 to)
  • UW 3036 as a valve chamber (L x W x H = 3.38 x 2.78 x 3.80 m; weight 26 to)
  • Two angular retaining walls (L x W x H = 5.12 x 2.40 x 4.85 m; weight 18.5 to each)

A valve chamber is located upstream of the water chamber. Two angular retaining walls were fitted in front of the valve chamber. This ensures access at ground level, and accessing by a single person is not restricted by accident prevention regulations. Access to the water chamber can be obtained via a pressure-sealed stainless steel door when the tank is empty.

Drinking water is our most valuable source of nourishment, so a particular emphasis was placed on the following items when designing the water chamber:

  • Insulation to prevent the formation of bacteria;
  • Supply and waste air via a special air filter system;
  • Doors designed to hamper break-in to protect against unauthorised accessing (WK 4);
  • Materials with DVGW (German authority for gas and water) approval were utilised (DVGW W 270, KTW, etc.).

Filling realised via a control valve with float. A DN 100 overflow mark is integrated to protect against overfilling, and this diverts the water into the preflooder.