Standard inverter for DB power

Deutsche Bahn requires inverters at numerous locations on its network to supply power to its 16.7 Hz rail network from the 50 Hz rotary current network. These network couplings can be realised in a particularly efficient manner to meet energy requirements through modular structures, enabling the design of different expansion levels from a technical and visual point of view. For example, modular units can be completely equipped with electrical equipment in the factory after production of the required concrete elements. Foundations and the housing for large transformers occasionally necessary for sound insulation are prefabricated in as far as possible in the concrete plant, with final installation being realised on site. The photo illustrates transformer stations sited opposite each other with intermediately-located electrical switchrooms.


Betonbau produces, delivers and installs the rail inverter building as a turnkey solution complying to environmental regulations which must be met at the respective site in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, water and noise protection.