Signal box

An electronic signal box with 7 modules was installed in May 2007. The signal box will be expanded with a further 11 modules on the southern gable end in May 2009. The Betonbau signal box will be installed on the site of the signal box (opposite the entrance side) in December 2008. The modules of all three signal boxes were (and will have to be) transported by rail to the installation site, as they are too tall to pass below a bridge.


Electronic signal boxes contribute to the automation of rail operation. The equipment for an electronic signal box is located along the track in one or more signal box buildings. The electronic signal boxes have a room for safety technology and the associated power supply (computer module) and can be supplemented with a room for an emergency power unit or battery system and rooms for telecommunications, local control equipment, overhead line, points heating or operating personnel. The size of rooms for computer modules depends on the number of signal elements to be actuated (e.g. points and signals).