Cogeneration power station

A cogeneration power plant was erected in 1999 for an open-air pool in the picturesque Black Forest. A diesel aggregate supplies electricity and heat, while the transformer bridges aggregate breakdowns by providing electric power from the mains network. There is an aggregate room with a switch cabinet and lubricant oil tanks, a switchroom, transformer room and a tank room.

Building consisting of three modular units:

  • UF 3484, UF 3054 and UF 3042
  • vertical shaft made of precast concrete components for chimney and waste air
  • Aggregate room 3.18 x 8.18 m

The neighbourhood immediately next to the pool sunbathing lawns meant that high sound insulation requirements had to be met with regard to the aggregate room. Supply and waste air openings were therefore turned away from the open-air pool. A sound-insulated concrete channel above the door conveys air suctioned in part by the aggregate and channels it via a sheet metal channel to the waste air shaft for expulsion, with the air being drawn by a ventilator on the opposite side of the room into the waste air shaft. The waste air passes sound insulation splitters here and is diverted over the roof in a manner that ensures that it is expelled on the same side of the building as the supply air elements.

The tank room for the diesel fuel was designed as a separate modular unit to meet the requirements for storage of substances that pollute water.