Gas pressure control station consisting of 4 modular units with a 128 m² non-supported spanned measurement and control room

The Betonbau scope of services encompasses both the structure itself and its surroundings. The structure is a combination building consisting of a total of 4 modular units (UF 1836 to UF 3684) and a building component manufactured with wall elements with overall exterior dimensions of approx. L * W * H = 11.0 * 20.0 * 3.20 / 4.46 m.

The building is divided into a total of 5 rooms, of which the gas measurement and control room of 128 m² is a non-supported spanned surface incl. crane track covering the entire surface of the largest room. Electrical and building technology is located in the remaining smaller rooms.

Supply and discharge lines are run through a pipework connection basement under the exterior building areas. Complete pipework laying was realised after constructional installation within the precast elements delivered by Betonbau. The complete station floor is laid on site with a concrete ashlar slab with current discharge properties.

Use of the building as a gas pressure control station meant that special requirements with regard to break-in and fire protection had to be met. All concrete modular units in the building meet requirements F 90 in compliance with DIN 4102 for fire protection in buildings.