We can draw on the complete modular units in our UF series for vault solutions. You can choose from over 150 standard geometries for this purpose. Betonbau modular units are manufactured through bell foundry casting (i.e. the walls and floor are produced in a single seamless casting using high-strength reinforced concrete). Wall thicknesses and ceiling load-bearing capacity are adapted to suit local conditions.

Your advantage:

  • Seamless construction and a maximum degree of prefabrication in the manufacturer's facility
  • Comprehensive service based on well-founded sector know-how from the planning phase to completion of your construction project
  • Combination options involving several modular units
  • Products distinguished by a high degree of efficiency and long service life
  • Fulfilment and observance of pertinent technical rules and legal regulations

Design characteristics of our standardised vault modular units:

  • Reinforced concrete C 35/45 conforming to DIN 1045 / EN206
  • Tested type statics
  • Positioned ceiling slab with static connection and seam structure sealed against pressure water in underground applications
  • Design of the structure on request to support traffic passing over it
  • Freely-positionable partition walls
  • Individual design of access entrances, openings for bringing in equipment, etc. and ventilation and aeration elements is possible
  • Tried and trusted detailed solutions for collecting surface water in ventilation and drainage shafts
  • Reliable false floor systems

Take advantage of our extensive experience in this area.