Betonbau modular units are manufactured through bell foundry casting (i.e. the walls and floor are produced in a single seamless casting using high-strength reinforced concrete). Well-engineered ceiling systems provided optimum protection and facilitate accessing. Walls and ceiling slabs are designed to suit your requirements and specific application specifications.

Your advantage:

  • Low structural height above the soil
  • Turnkey delivery, with integrated equipment if requested
  • Seamless structure consisting of a casting impervious to water
  • Lockable access doors
  • Door can be operated by a single person

Design characteristics of our standardised underground modular units:

  • Reinforced steel C 35/45 DIN 1045/ EN206
  • Tested type statics
  • Individual design of access entrances, openings for bringing in equipment, etc. and ventilation and aeration elements is possible
  • Tried and trusted detailed solutions for collecting surface water in ventilation and drainage shafts
  • Reliable false floor systems
  • Choice of facade designs (where side walls are visible): facing concrete, plaster, CHI systems, timber, clinker brick, etc.

Further technical information on T 97 is available in our compact series.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in this area.