Clear tasks relating to earthing arise from relevant norms and regulations:

DIN VDE 0101: 9.3.4 Measuring for earthing of operating media and systems

All exposed metal parts of electrical operating media which are not part of the operational power circuit (structures), which are part of the electrical network must be earthed.Insulated areas should be created in special cases.

All metal parts which are not part of electrical operating media should be earthed, provided this is appropriate (e.g. due to accidental arcing, capacitive and inductive coupling).

Betonbau generally realises this task through discretely-structured visible connections between the HPAS of the building and active plant components.

This offers you the advantage of high process reliability and contributed to overall comprehension and verifiability for everyone.

Reinforced concrete also offers enormous advantages in itself with regard to equipotential bonding and integration in earthing current circuits.