We can provide you with a series of special pressure relief systems to ensure the safe handling of pressure loads and stress such as encountered as a result of technical interference (e.g. accidental arcing) emanating from internal malfunction of the plant. Different versions and functionalities enable optimum adaptation to suit the respective technical building.


  • Pressure relief vanes which close or open in the case of excessive pressure (to ensure IP 23-DH degree of protection with an upstream ventilation element)
  • Pressure relief coupling
  • Contiguous pressure relief valves, opening upwards or downwards
  • Pressure relief flues
  • Pressure relief domes


  • Special design for pressure relief vanes: Actuator for controlling air circulation (manual or motor-powered actuation via thermostat or hygrostat); Pressure relief function ensured in every operating position

Our DRO special roofs offer an ideal supplement or a separate relief option.