Underground transformer station in the historic center of Melník.

Underground transformer station in the historic center of Melník

On 17 June 2009 at 9 o'clock Betonbau s.r.o. assembled a new underground distribution transformer station, which is used to supply the castle and the surrounding streets of the historic city centre of Melník. The Station is determined with a power of 2 x 630 kVA.

After a thorough archaeological investigation, the station is placed close to the provost's church of St. Peter and Paul, so that it does not disturb the historical figure of the city. To ensure that the historically valuable subterranean passages could be safely handled, it was necessary to transport the buildings of the station in two parts to the installation location.
The assembly of the entire station, was weighing approximately 40 tons, and need two hours for installation, followed by the electronic components construction. The whole operation was formed out of the initiative by Lord of the manor Jirí Jan Lobkowitz at the expense of CEZ .