Underfloor station for a representative location in a high street

For the municipal Quickborn a underground station typ UW 3066 was delivered by Betonbau.
Due to the special requirements of urban planning in the high street of Quickborn the station was completely buried. The entry has been integrated into the cityscape. The design of the exterior was completed in spring of this year.

  • The station weight had increased as a result of surface water to prevent the floating of the concrete body. This is typically done by increasing the concrete wall thickness.
  • The organisation around the installation had to take place precisely because of environmental issues. The access was allow to only a very cramped pit.
  • On the day of positing the complete electronical components were collected before the cover plate was assembled.
  • The space cell is made as a seamless modular unit produced in a single casting and corresponds to a transformer station to § 19 WHG (Water Management Law).
  • Furthermore the underground station include a sophisticated supply and exhaust ventilation system.

The entry guarantee an easy access for emergency service personal. The entrance, as well as the ventilation elements are made by Betonbau.

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