Modular concrete unit serving as pressure-test container at IPH in Berlin

Betonbau, the leading manufacturer of technical buildings tailor-made for customers' requirements, decisively supports basic research on accidental arcing security in combination with pressure relief.

Lead-managed by Vattenfall Europe Distribution Hamburg the company  Elektro-Montage-Nord set up a test container based on an accessible concrete modular unit UF 3072 at IPH in Berlin.

There the behavior under pressure is to be examined in case of accidental arcing with medium voltage equipment by different suppliers. An adjustable interior wall simlulates typical volume ranges from 15 m³ to 40 m³.

On the basis of the observation results

  • Information about minimum pressure relief cross sections are determined
  • More exact calculation methods are developed
  • Security standards are checked and if necessary adjusted
  • The technical releases for manufactures of medium voltage equipment are carried out