Vallülasaal in Partenen/Montafon in Austria
Betonbau roadshow presentation in Gaschurn
Kopswerk II – pumped-storage hydropower plant

Roadshow in Gaschurn-Partenen on 20th June 2012

Guests from Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland were welcomed by Mr. Axel Hahn, member of Betonbau’s executive board on occasion of an information event. Betonbau GmbH & Co. KG invited to Vallülasaal in Partenen/Montafon in Austria.

Staff members of Betonbau held presentations to following issues:

  • Current carrying capacity and warming of constructions used for energy distribution
  • Remodelling of existing constructions conforming to standards
  • DIN EN 61936-1 (DIN VDE 0101-1) – status quo and changes in reference to the parent standard
  • Specifications of mains connection for renewable energies

During the presentations and in the breaks the participants found opportunities to discuss the topics intensely.

Finally in the afternoon the event wound up in visiting the pumped-storage hydropower plant "Kopswerk II", Illwerke AG Vorarlberg. Background information about the construction has been recieved with great interest.