Clean and drinking water

Water is one of the bedrocks of life on our planet. Clean and drinking water are the number one source of nourishment around the world. The safety and quality of the drinking water supply are factors of the highest priority. The materials used in the drinking water installation assume a particular importance in this context. DIN 1988 requires that all plant components be manufactured in a manner that does not impair the quality of the drinking water and render it unfit for consumption.

Betonbau takes this responsibility seriously, and this is demonstrated in planning and the use of suitable and approved systems for each respective application case. DVGW specifications (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfachs e.V. - the German association for gas and water), KTW directives (plastics and drinking water), DIN / EN norms and legal framework conditions are reliably adhered to. This gives you the security you need as a planner or user.


Concrete, as a raw material in direct contact with drinking water, is processed on »suctioning« shutters without the addition of organic raw materials. Further outfitting of the plant is always realised with construction materials approved for use with drinking water. The load created by internal pressure in the pipelines can be reliably channelled into the structure and absorbed where required. Static design is realised in the precast component production facility.

Betonbau utilises shaped pipe components and fittings made of steel, stainless steel, cast materials, plastic or GRP products from well-known manufacturers to meet specific customer requirements. Connection of components is assured with plug-in sleeves, screw or weld connections and clamping systems. The elastomer sealing agents utilised (for flange seals, etc.) conform to the specifications of the DVGW W 270 worksheet and KTW directives. Materials with differing electrochemical potentials are separated from each other with insulated connections. Suitable measures are taken to separate pipeline systems with cathodic corrosion protection systems (CP's) from the structure. Stress-free integration of the installation is realised in the precast component production facility, outfitting it to the greatest extent possible while ensuring that hygiene regulations are observed.

Further equipment fitted in the pure and drinking water structures mainly consists of non-corrosive materials (stainless steel 1.4301/1.4541/1.4571), thus avoiding contamination of drinking water quality.