Contaminated and waste water

Structures in this area of application are distinguished by a high degree of individuality and flexibility. Each application case is examined by our personnel with regard to feasibility and a long service life, and its realisation is optimised through a combination of consulting and experience. The partnership between the customer and Betonbau profits from this dialogue, as it develops a firm basis for lengthy co-operation.

Whether simple overflow or intake structures, large multi-component pump stations or entire sewage plants are involved - Betonbau can find the most suitable and cost-effective solution in each case.


Technical functional lining in this product area is mainly influenced by the aggressiveness of the medium »waste water«. It should not impair or destroy the materials used.

Surfaces in contact with waste water are durably protected by the correct selection of concrete exposure classes conforming to DIN1045 / EN 206. Where extreme requirements need to be met, protection of the concrete can be ensured with suitable coatings or linings (acid-resistant tiles, stainless steel, polyethylene, etc.).

The formed pipe components and fittings made of steel, stainless steel, cast materials or plastic utilised meet manufacturer specifications and are suitable and approved for the respective function and medium. Connection processes conforming to market requirements are also utilised, similar to the approach in drinking water applications.

The complete functional lining system is intrinsically harmonised and can be realised at any time by Betonbau or our extremely capable partners.