Application area

Our structures for drinking water supply, waste water disposal and contiguous areas are based on more than 45 years of experience in the planning, production and supply of technical buildings.

Numerous standard ground plans cover our customers' requirements as effectively as selective combination options from our »toolbox« – System BETONBAU.

The range of products in the clean and drinking water area encompasses practically all areas of use, including:

  • Water obtention (well structures, spring impoundments, etc.)
  • Water treatment (sedimentation tanks, diffusers, operational buildings, etc.)
  • Water conveyance (pump plants, pressure booster stations, transfer pump plants, etc.)
  • Water reservoirs (water towers, fire extinguishing water tanks, etc.)
  • Water distribution (fitting shafts of all types, operational buildings, etc.)

Modular units are supplied on request as turnkey solutions with complete technical equipment. We can offer the best solution for a specific task in this area together with our personnel or specialised partners.

The untreated and waste water area is covered for the following applications by our modular unit program:

  • Rain retention / overflow basins, relief structures
  • Measurement, flow control and equipment chambers
  • Pump stations (wet and dry installation)
  • Pump stations (pneumatic, vacuum)
  • Sewage plants (biological contactor plants, fixed bed plants, final sedimentation tanks)
  • Energy dissipators, intake structures, overflow structures
  • Sludge sedimentation tanks
  • Operational buildings

We offer turnkey solutions for every requirement in this market sector. Whether underground modular units, surface free-standing buildings or combinations of both variants are involved - we have the solution for your task and provide you with support from the planning phase right through to project completion.