Technical equipping in telecommunications

The stable structure of Betonbau modular units enables factory equipping with plant and equipment. These can be efficiently installed in our factories in a protected environment and employing an optimised infrastructure, minimising the time and material outlay involved. Factory installation is particularly economical, considerably reducing your co-ordination outlay for many minor tasks on the construction site. Your on-site commissioning time is considerably reduced as a result.

The spectrum in this respect encompasses everything from basic 230V installations for lighting, heating and air conditioning circuits to the integration of DC power supply units and air conditioning equipment. Our buildings are frequently ordered with sophisticated factory-fitted signal sensors for door and lock monitoring. Signal equipment (e.g. for fire and smoke, gas and temperature) can be installed if requested. Buildings can also be fitted with a double floor system with equipment base frames.

Cable trays, electrical heating equipment, ventilators, air conditioning systems and sanitary equipment can be fitted in the manufacturer's facilities if required. Building and sabotage protection can be taken into consideration as early as the initial construction phase.

Betonbau realises this work exclusively with experienced and qualified skilled personnel.

Please refer to our brochure on the topic for further interesting details "Technical buildings for telecommunications".