Reliable and unobtrusive energy supply

Planning solutions with underground stations are ideal where, despite the presence of a station building, a free field of vision is required. Optimised space utilisation combined with user-friendly access options also greatly facilitate maintenance work in the most confined space.

Underground solutions are the answer where construction space is limited and suitable installation sites are not available. We are also more than happy to adapt variable visible heights to suit local conditions. Underground stations are utilised in the following areas:

  • Crossroads where the field of vision is inhibited
  • In front of listed objects and buildings
  • Densely-built industrial plants
  • For ensuring clear visibility in the surround area

Strict requirements for competent solutions:

  • Capacity to resist subsoil pressure
  • Sealing against surface and ground water
  • Reliably functioning, natural transformer cooling
  • Station ventilation and aeration to limit condensation