Technical equipping in energy technology

Betonbau has developed in almost 5 decades from being merely a producer of concrete structures and modular units to become a renowned manufacturer of turnkeytransformer stations and switchgear houses.

Betonbau has been (in many cases for several decades) the partner of numerous well-known supply companies,public utility providers, industrial firms and renewable energy providers when it comes to realising projects involving energy supply and distribution. We can negotiate with the electrical industry on a level playing field, thanks to large purchasing quotas in serial or individual business deals.

In our core business, energy management, we are adapted completely as a specialised electrical engineering company to meet your requirements. The latest infrastructure in our plants enables the efficient production under ideal conditions of completely outfitted local network, supply and switchgear stations and turnkeysubstations conforming to EN 62271-202.

The efficient integration of components also represents an additional bonus in terms of system reliability. This commences with flexible and competent logistics for switchgear plant components (e.g. distributor transformers) and does not end with the provision of suitable cable fittings and final connections. Electrical equipping is realised in our facilities in separate halls, enabling electrical installation technicians to concentrate fully on their tasks. A sophisticated supply chain concept ensures smooth material flows free of interruptions.

Experienced engineers and master craftsmen plan and monitor production and co-operate with installation technicians to ensure the reliable realisation of quality and safety standards.

An important focus of electrical installation at Betonbau is ensuring the safe transportation of transformers and switchgear.

We also place great importance on the testing and documentation of plants and systems. Exceptionally-experienced specialists are entrusted with these tasks - as we take your safety very seriously indeed.

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