You can choose from four main variants in the area of accessible substations:

  • overground stations for free-standing erection
  • stations for integration in slopes
  • deep-set stations partially set into the subsoil
  • vault stations, completely set into the subsoil

Modular designs offer a variety of standard solutions which can be utilised for practically every task

False floors
False floors can be incorporated into the design with continuous-cast aluminium profiles for different switch cabinet makes.

  • Profiles are particularly resistant to corrosion
  • Tested for resistance to accidental arcing
  • Sealed with a patented rotary seal system


  • 19 x laminated silk screen-printed slabs
  • Chipboard with conductive or non-conductive coatings
  • Non-flammable floor slabs

Basic fittings are anodised aluminium doors.


  • Paint finish in RAL colours
  • Galvanised or painted steel doors
  • Different ventilation and pressure relief systems
  • All other cable and pipe penetration systems to meet market requirements