Technical equipping in gas technology

The stable structure of Betonbau modular units enables factory equipping with fittings, pipes and equipment required for plant operation. These sometimes heavy components can be efficiently installed in our factories in a protected environment and employing an optimised infrastructure, minimising the time and material outlay involved. We will be more than happy to realise installation in accordance with your instructions in this respect or, after consultation with us, we can arrange the provision of an equipping area with infrastructure for your own activities. This procedure can facilitate the dispensing with intermediate transportation to engineering firms specialising in gas fitting, partcularly where larger gas pressure control plant buildings are involved. This represents the more economical variant in many cases.

Naturally enough, Betonbau does not shy away from »classic« methods in which the building is completed through external realisation or directly on the construction site. Careful, co-ordinated planning enables us to ensure that recesses, connection points and fixing tracks are precisely positioned for your plants in the locations they are required. This saves installation time and considerably reduces the time duration until on-site commissioning.

Betonbau manufactures a broad range of aluminium and steel doors and ventilation elements itself. These product series have been available for decades on the market and have also proved their effectiveness in other sectors. This enables us to react flexibly and particularly cost-effectively to your planning specifications.

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