Flexible solutions for every task

Planners and operators in every area of operations can draw on modular systems from Betonbau for precision tailored solutions and cost-effective industrial production. A comprehensive range of modular units in different widths, lengths and heights make this possible. Units can be combined without difficulty where necessary and complemented through classic segmental construction solutions.

Our range of services encompasses compact plants with single-sided operating characteristics, accessible modular unit solutions and complex slab constructions. You are sure to find an efficient housing in this range for your

  • gas pressure control plants
  • natural gas tank depots
  • plants for processing and distributing technical gases.

Betonbau can provide numerous technical solutions for this applications, including sealed hatches for gas, sound insulation and building equipment. Our products range from doors and ventilation elements engineered in our own metal construction facilities to sophisticated technical details on crane systems. Tested type statics are available for standard modular units.

Observance of norms and DVGW (German association for gas and water) regulations is as vital to us as a high standard of quality.

We are extremely flexible when it comes to designing exteriors. You can choose between different surface designs with and without thermal insulation and different roof shapes in this respect.

We can realise your structure as a turnkey solution if requested – incorporating every feature from »A« to »Z«.

Why not contact us to discuss your project. Your responsible regional sales office will be more than happy to offer you advice.