Technical equipping with aggregates

Operators and plant manufacturers have long since recognised the advantages. Betonbau is your reliable partner in the technical equipping of aggregate buildings, thanks to many years of experience and, no less important, skilled personnel in the areas of plant, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Whether emergency power plants, emergency power generators, dynamic frequency converters or compressors are involved – all these plants pose similar challenges in terms of installation and commissioning which very often need to be mastered under considerable deadline pressure. This begins with plant component logistics which must be scheduled in the right time window for sometimes very remote locations. Delays caused by a reliance on installation chains frequently cause considerable difficulties when it comes to commissioning. These bulky components then need to be installed on site in operational buildings, an operation involving a considerable outlay and commitment of personnel. Betonbau can provide extensive support in this area:

Thanks to their robust and stable design, Betonbau modular units offer the opportunity to pre-equip fixed plant installations in the manufacturer's facilities and transport these as complete units to the operational site. You can therefore save valuable installation and commissioning time on the construction site. The delivery, storage and approval and acceptance of your components is realised at a central protected site in our plants, freeing you of any commitment in terms of time and personnel. The following plant components are particularly suitable for this purpose:

  • Aggregates
  • Daily provision and storage tanks
  • Control cabinets
  • Low voltage distributors
  • Internal exhaust gas conducting
  • Supply and waste air noise suppressors
  • Stair and platform components
  • Basic 230/400V installations

These sometimes heavy and bulky components can be efficiently installed in our factories under industrial conditions and employing an optimised infrastructure, minimising the time and material outlay involved. The respective leeway in terms of modular unit weight and fixing options is adapted during planning to suit your requirements.

We will be more than happy to co-ordinate our installation schedule with you in a manner which ensures that particularly heavy plant components or parts which have been delivered late can be installed on site during building installation. Careful, co-ordinated planning enables us to ensure that recesses, connection points and fixing tracks are precisely positioned for your plants in the locations they are required. This saves valuable installation time which is clearly noticeable in reducing the time duration until on-site commissioning.

You can find out more here: "System constructions for aggregate and CHP buildings" (PDF in German).

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