Technical buildings for new metal treatment hall structure

The combination of flexible production
design in a sheet steel production hall and a three-storey technical and maintenance building for energy supply and production control indicates the versatility of uses for the modular system structure from Betonbau in industrial applications.

Building consisting of 13 modular units:

  • UF 3666, UF 3060, UF 3054 and UF 3042
  • Modular units of the same type but with a slightly reduced height where positioned reversed on the modular units on the ground floor to increase the height of the switchroom.
  • Removable lamella vane doors (2.00 m x 2.50 m) produced by Betonbau are used to achieve the greatest-possible free ventilation
    cross section and to facilitate transformer changing. The output of the transformers is designed for metal sorting and shredding plants.
  • Integration of a sanitary room in the control centre.
  • The modular units are seamless, manufactured in a single casting and, as transformer units, conform to WHG §19 (water protection).