Timber saddle roofs


Regulations frequently exist which demand that modular units and combination buildings conform to local roof types.
All conventional roof geometries can be constructed on site on Betonbau system roofs and covered with a choice of materials:

  • Saddle roof
  • Hip roof
  • Pitched roof
  • Barrel roof

As the wooden roof construction is placed on top of the modular units concrete roof, all of its required technical features as fire resistance, sound insulation, pressure resistance, etc stay fully preserved.
Retrofitting of existing stations can usually be achieved without difficulty where suitable static measurements are realised.

We work throughout Germany in co-operation with framework agreement partners from carpentry and steel construction firms. These are familiar with our system designs and fully aware of the high quality levels we maintain. This enables us to offer you these services at a very attractive price.

We are also more than happy to work together with local companies under your direction. We can co-ordinate the required details for your project with your local partner.