Ground plan

UK 1700-42 compact station

The station shell consists of high-strength reinforced concrete with a strength category of C35/45 and exposure classes XC4, XF1 and XA1 complying with DIN 1045-2-EN 206.

Station equipment includes two double-leaf aluminium doors and up to four ventilation elements. One ventilation element is an integrated ventilator (optionally a ventilating door) for overhauling of the transformer room, the other ventilation recess can be selectively fitted with an integrated ventilator, fixed ventilator or ventilating door or sealed with reinforced concrete.

Betonbau differentiates relative to the number of ventilation elements between types

  • UK 1700-42/2L
  • UK 1700-42/4L

Ground plan

Sectional view 1

Sectional view 2