HKI frame profile

Safety characteristics:

  • IP 23-DH degree of protection tested in compliance with DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470 Part 1)
  • Tested in system with Betonbau stations in compliance with DIN EN 62271-202
  • All-round seal in door leaf
  • Interior hinge plates


  • Reduced and removable threshold
  • Sheet metal filler with barleycorn structure
  • Anodised, painted or powder-coated surface - choice of colours
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Hydraulic door closer with arrester arm (in case of latch lock)
  • Stainless steel security escutcheon
  • Bolt contact or magnetic switch
  • Additional ventilation, pressure relief and shield elements, removable if requested
  • Ventilation unit as waste air element
  • Integrated raindrop strip
  • Special WK 2 break-in inhibiting design conforming to DIN ENV 1627

HKI frame profile

VKI frame profile

VKI S60 threshold

VKI S30 threshold

VKI S0 threshold