Protection through variability!

Our pressure relief systems provide reliable protection in the event of technical malfunctions. We can optimally adapt these solutions to suit individual technical buildings through combination with our upstream ventilation systems.  You can also choose from the recommended sizes listed below.

Dimensions for pressure relief type: EE06

Type Ventilator dimensions
W x H [mm]
Structural dimension
W x H [mm]
Free ventilation cross section
F。 [m²]
LL/EE06 100/321003 x 3181023 x 3381850,09
LL/EE06 100/471003 x 4681023 x 4881850,15
LL/EE06 100/621003 x 6181023 x 6381850,21
LL/EE06 100/771003 x 7681023 x 7881850,27
LL/EE06 100/991003 x 9931023 x 10131850,36